Customs clearance and forwarding services

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Customs clearance and forwarding services

PDD is an international posting expert. We offer a comprehensive range of forwarding services for your various customs clearance needs.

The PDD forwarding service offers a different and flexible service reliability throughout the service chain. We processed customs declarations every day and use our expertise to understand different customs regulations and to find and organize an optimal solution to the individual requirements of our customers flexibly.

Our solution for you

  • Our customs and freight forwarding service offers a wide range of services to ensure a unified, consistent and legitimate foreign trade activity, without delays and sanctions.
  • Customs clearance and forwarding
  • Import and export shipments: Customs declarations for import and export shipments.
  • Security Notification: The authorities of the importing countries require accurate prior notification of import controls. For example, US Imported Security Filing (ISF)
  • Required by the US and Import Control Systems (ICS) Required by the EU
  • Customs and Taxes: We handle customs and tax declarations on behalf of our customers. Other Authority Fees: Our service covers not only the customs clearance of goods, but also notices to other authorities, such as plant inspection and border veterinary fees.
  • Transit: Making customs clearance for the transfer of non-customs goods. Applying for permits and licenses: We advise you on applying for licenses, permits and certificates.
  • Additional Services: Customs warehousing, customs corrections, warehousing of excisable products and many other services.