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Reducing environmental impact and improving continuous efficiency for sustainable development.

In everything we do, we emphasize environmental friendliness.

PDD has set a target of reducing its relative CO2 emissions by 26% by 2020. We want to provide environmentally-friendly added value to our products, which our customers can communicate with. Our emission reduction target is broken down by function and we follow each sub-goal each year. Efforts will be made to reduce the relative CO2 emissions of land transport. We are going to. Reduces empty driving and improves unit loading rate for bulk cargo.

Commitment to staff

We train our employees to become more knowledgeable and increase their environmental awareness so that they can make better use of it in their work. We can only achieve our goal if we have motivated and skilled personnel. The key cornerstones of our HR strategy are staff satisfaction, sustainable personnel development, and an open and fair corporate culture. The relative carbon dioxide emission reduction targets for air freight are also 24% by 2020 and we will work closely with our partners. 11% reduction in emissions has already been achieved with drivers’ economic driving habits, a more efficient distribution network and newer equipment