Courier and express delivery services

A Unified European Network

Courier and express delivery services

Versatile parcel delivery for all your business needs.

Send your package via PDD. It’s safe, fast, and easy. We deliver parcels from door to door, by road or by air, worldwide, whether at home or abroad.

Package shipments

PAC service is suitable for regular parcel delivery between companies. Our comprehensive network enables cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

The service is suitable for businesses and individuals and allows for global parcel delivery. Daily parcel shipping and combinations of different routes allow for a cost-effective solution for all parcel delivery needs.

Pallet shipments

The Cargo service is suitable for day-to-day cargo transport between companies. In pallet transportation, our strength area is not only domestic but also Swedish and Danish transportation, which we do daily. The rest of Europe is also part of our pallet delivery service.